Flanders International Team Challenge (Dutch results)

Last weekend the Flanders International Team Challenge was held. For the Dutch seniors a great opportunity to test their routines. The Netherlands were represented by both senior and junior teams.

Céline van Gerner
Lisa Top
Vera van Pol
Maartje Ruikes
Lieke Wevers

Juniors (14-15 y/o):
Sering Perdok
Mandy Maghoub
Marieke van Egmond
Morgan Spruijtenburg
Naomi Visser
Kirsten Polderman

Juniors (11, 12, 13 y/o):
Juliette Berens
Sanna Veerman
Maud Lammertink
Bogusia Rossen

The qualifications were on Saturday. Both Junior (14/15) and Senior teams did great. With some little mistakes they placed 7th and 6th.

The team final was on Sunday. On every event 2 juniors and 2 seniors showed their routines. With good results. The Dutch team ended on the 7th place. Lieke Wevers ended up 8th AA, Lisa Top 11th. They both can improve a little towards the EG.

The younger Juniors (11, 12, 13) showed good routines as well. Sanna Veerman even won AA! As a team they ended up 3th.
Last weekend was a great weekend for the Dutch Teams!

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