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Flanders International Team Challenge (Dutch results)

Last weekend the Flanders International Team Challenge was held. For the Dutch seniors a great opportunity to test their routines. The Netherlands were represented by both senior and junior teams.

Céline van Gerner
Lisa Top
Vera van Pol
Maartje Ruikes
Lieke Wevers

Juniors (14-15 y/o):
Sering Perdok
Mandy Maghoub
Marieke van Egmond
Morgan Spruijtenburg
Naomi Visser
Kirsten Polderman

Juniors (11, 12, 13 y/o):
Juliette Berens
Sanna Veerman
Maud Lammertink
Bogusia Rossen

The qualifications were on Saturday. Both Junior (14/15) and Senior teams did great. With some little mistakes they placed 7th and 6th.

The team final was on Sunday. On every event 2 juniors and 2 seniors showed their routines. With good results. The Dutch team ended on the 7th place. Lieke Wevers ended up 8th AA, Lisa Top 11th. They both can improve a little towards the EG.

The younger Juniors (11, 12, 13) showed good routines as well. Sanna Veerman even won AA! As a team they ended up 3th.
Last weekend was a great weekend for the Dutch Teams!

2015-16 Recruits: College Freshman to Look Out For Next Season – Part One

At this time of the year, high school seniors all over the United States are receiving their diplomas and are preparing to start college in the fall. For gymnasts, they are fresh off their performances at J.O. Nationals earlier this month and will be perfecting skills before they make the transition from Level 10 to NCAA next season. Although the college season starts in January, this is a great opportunity to look at some of the top seniors who will be gearing up for a successful season.

So, without further a do, let’s meet our first batch of the Class of 2019;

Alicia Boren 

Franklin Lakes, NJ •  Florida Gators  • North Stars

Boren is a definite feature in this list. She has an impressive resume, headlined with 3 Nastia Liukin Cup appearances (2012, 2013 & 2015), 4 J.O. National titles (2012-15) and 2 Perfect 10.0 scores on Vault. This past season, she won State, Regionals and Nationals; a feat she has done for the past three seasons. Since moving up to Level 10 in 2010, Boren has qualified to 5 J.O. Nationals. Alicia committed to the University of Florida Gators team back in March 2013, a team known for it’s huge recruiting. Boren’s specialisms are Vault and Floor, but she is very strong in the all-around, also. Interestingly, she has not scored less than a 9.825 on Vault this season, nor has she scored less than 38.125 in the all-around. I definitely believe that Boren could contribute significantly to the Florida Gators but Gators’ lineups are stacked high with talented gymnasts already so it will be a fight to make it into lineups for their team.

Watch Alicia’s vault at this year’s J.O. Nationals here where she scored 9.900

Macy Toronjo

Huntsville, TX •  UCLA Bruins  • Texas Dreams

The product of 1991 World Champion, Kim Zmeskal, and her husband, Chris’ tutelage, Toronjo is coming off, arguably, one of her best seasons ever. In 2010, Macy transitioned from Level 9 to Elite but failed to make the cut. A year later, she decided that her goal was Elite and qualified to elite status, followed by a 24th-place finish at Nationals. In 2012, she sat out the majority of the season, merely competing in two meets. This injury was serious enough to sideline her for the whole of the 2013 season, also. Back and poised for more in 2014, Toronjo retained elite status and concluded her season with a 8th place finish at Nationals. This season, Toronjo moved back down to Level 10 to prepare for college. She won every invitational during the season and managed a 10th place finish at Nastia Liukin Cup. During championship season, Macy took the ‘three sweep’; taking home State, Regional and National titles, like Boren. Back in October 2012, she verbally committed to the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team and signed the National Letter of Intent to the team last November. Toronjo’s expertise lie on Beam and Floor, I would say, but she could contribute on any event to the Bruins team. I hope she makes a splash in Los Angeles!

To watch Toronjo’s

Dutch MAG results from the World Challenge Cup in Anadia

For the Netherlands 3 male gymnasts competed in the world cup that took place last week:
Casimir Schmidt
Frank Rijken
Karl Kosztka

The Dutch men didn’t do too good, with only one final for Casimir. He placed second in the qualifcations for floor, but due to a fall, he ended up sixth. Karl had a good chance for the final on high bar, but he fell in the qualifications.
The gymnasts can learn from their mistakes, and hopefully will do better at the EG in Baku!