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BREAKING: Ariana Agrapides to retire from Elite, down to Level 10 for the 2016 season

MG Elite gymnast, Ariana Agrapides, is to retire from elite gymnastics. At the age of 14, she has qualified to two U.S. Nationals (2013-14) and was touted to become one of the U.S.’s best vaulters after she developed a strong DTY from a young age.

The Bayville, NJ resident turns senior in 2017, missing age eligibility to Rio 2016 by just 31 days. MG Elite coach, Maggie Haney, confirmed her retirement to an Instagram user in a comment that read; “Ari is not competing elite this year. She will be competing Level 10 with me next year”.

Perhaps, Agrapides is having a break from elite because she is still very young and will return to elite competition nearer the 2020 Olympics. We hope so! However, by the time Tokyo 2020 comes, Ari will be a Freshman in college so she may pursue a college gymnastics career, instead.

For now, we wish Ariana the best of luck with the rest of her gymnastics career; whatever route she takes!

An article by James Greaves / editor-in-chief