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The Best of the Gymternet: Pt. I

Welcome all Chatty Gymnast followers, wherever you may be on this glorious Monday!

After a successful opening post, I’ve since upgraded the blog’s domain so if you had difficulty finding us today it’s: http://www.chattygymnast.com 

Oooh, fancy!

Today, I am introducing a new segment to CG called…..The Best of the Gymternet! Yes, you guessed it. So in this segment I will be scouring the greatness of Twitter to search for the funniest, coolest and weirdest things that have been going on across the Gymternet this wek! This is not going to be an easy task. Please sit back, relax and have a giggle!

Danusia Francis loves her nails!

We start our weekly round-up in the sunny city of Los Angeles where we can find the LA Dodgers, Disneyland and Danusia Francis thinking about how long her nails have gotten. Wait, what??? Yes, she obviously prefers to study her nail length in class than her academics and frankly Nush, we don’t blame you!

The way to Sophina’s heart is through cake!

Staying in the UCLA campus, we soon find former U.S. National team member and general diva Sophina DeJesus. Obviously her professor was feeling generous last Monday because she got some cake that day. Just don’t let Miss Val know!

Stick It: College Gymnastics sequel?

LSU gymnast, Erin Macadaeg, may just have the answer to the crisis every gymnastics fan is facing. A Stick It sequel about College gymnastics. It gets a 10.0 from us!

When your qualifications don’t really translate!

Gymternet legend and snark superstar, Bekah, reminds us just how upsetting it is when your gymnastics qualifications just don’t measure up to the standards of employers.

Mary-Anne speaks truth!

Aussie gymnast, Mary-Anne Monckton, reveals that listening to podcast GymCastic helps her study through the weekend. We agree!

Uncle Tim cannot be without Gymnastics!

Notorious gymterneter, Uncle Tim, provides a relatable tweet about gymnastics. Very insightful!

Jordyn gets free stuff!

It seems a girl admires Jordyn so much that she gave her selfie stick. How sweet!

An article by James Greaves, editor-in-chief

Photo credits: UCLA Athletics – Gymnast photographed: Danusia Francis

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